Our Ethos

I often get asked, what made you want to open a children’s nursery? There is a lot of work involved you know, long hours, paperwork, always competition, not enough reward...

Woooahhh, not enough reward? Since when did it become about that? For as long as I can remember the passion I have felt for opening my own nursery goes as far back as school where the only subject I seemed to look forward to was childcare. This built into driving me through A Levels, through a degree, training courses, through other countries and their ideas to developing from a student to a nursery nurse up to manager.

But one thing I have always felt I couldn't do was put my passion, my ideas, my imagination, my dreams onto my own blank canvas. I have always had to curb my inner child to meet someone else’s idea of what they believe a nursery should be.

What should a nursery be? A nursery can be whatever you dream it can be, if your heart, your head and your passion is there.

I want families/parents/guardians to never feel the guilt I felt dropping the most important thing in the world to them off at a stranger’s building, because we won’t be strangers, we will be the loving second family that are here for you all. For every child that loves the dirty garden play and a good book. To the ones that need that longer hug to know mummy is coming back and the cheeky chappy's who make you laugh sideways! To capturing those first steps and making sure you don’t feel you miss it to honouring every single parent’s home routines, cultures and languages, I could waffle all day....

Not much reward I repeat? By letting me borrow your little explorers for the day so that I can let them create in an environment worthy of Kings and Queens with giant imaginations, I am able to give something back to my own children by allowing them to join me in the day in the world I absolutely love and want them to be a part of.

So, to introduce myself, my name is Amy, Meithrinfa Little Bambinos Nursery is my creation and I cannot wait to start building the most amazing starting platform for every little Bambino out there.